a day in life

My 20th Birthday.

Hi. I know I don’t post on here anymore but I decided to blog about my birthday. I’ve made a vlog actually on my channel.  Since I have a little bit of free time, I vlog for fun. I’ve actually blogged about my birthday on my personal tumblr account, thats why I feel so hesitant to post on here now because I mainly use tumblr to blog (and I think i have mentioned that already.

My birthday was on june 23rd. I took my parents to this Filipino restaurant in Tukwila called “Manila Sunset”. I found this resto through yelp and I decided to go there.

Enter a caption
The menu
Food we ordered

As you can see, there’s a lot of food lol. My mom continued to order food and the bill was rising LOL. Since I work now and in Filo culture; when it’s your birthday you treat everyone you invited and pay for everyone, I paid for my parents. I ordered beef kbbq + taho, my parents ordered dinaguan, lumpia, pork bbq, and halo-halo. I also got a free bibingka cake.


Overall, the food was really good! I’d go there again.

I didn’t have time to do much, so I bought a tiny cake at 85 degrees.

Taro Snow


June 27.

I decided to celebrate my birthday with my friends (AMACK + Chloe; AMACCK) a few days later due to busy schedules. I drove to Seattle and had fancy dinner at Barolo.

They had my name on the menu.

I was a little disappointed because I thought they would have made our table look nice since I got a call earlier asking for the occasion. But we got free bread.


I think this was spaghetti carbonara with pork

To kill time, we walked around Seattle. It was probably really painful for me walking in my heels because I either didn’t put them on properly or it was the hills and bumpy streets we walked on. I ended up scraping my skin on my ankle and it burns.

We went to Pike Place Market; Shugs to get ice cream!


It was funny because after I ordered mines, Melissa tells me she bought me one. LOL, we had miscommunication.

We waited till the sun the went down and we headed to the Columbia Tower. I’ve always wanted to go there to look at the city lights. I wish we stayed longer til it was completely dark outside because I wanted to see the city lights at dark.

We ended out night by chilling in Ariel’s apartment and eating Memo’s mexican food on the way home.

It was actually my first time ever celebrating my birthday with people, excluding birthday parties. I never once truly ENJOYED a birthday in honesty. I enjoyed my birthday celebration, but I didn’t enjoy all parts of it. It was one to remember though. Maybe next year will be different.



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