Skincare Routine / 2017

I’m writing this because I’ve been into skincare routine videos on youtube and I wanna take care of my skin more. I think my skincare routine is very simple and/but its probably not effective or “right”. I randomly decided to write this post for fun and I do plan on taking care of my skin in the future. I know I don’t have many/any people who read my posts but I’m just writing this for future reference. It would be nice or cool if anyone actually found this helpful lol.


I have very dry skin. It’s supposedly “spring” in Washington but my skin is still super dry. I don’t think I break out too often. I usually have pimples here and there. Some people would almost say I have clear skin.

My past skincare routine was horrible. I remember in high school (freshman/sophomore year) I would use any lotion on my face regardless of scents. I would either use lotion from bath & body works, Victoria secret, or body lotion LOL. Then last year I started using body lotion with almond oil and coconut oil. In terms of face masks, I would use hydrating masks from Daiso. I also used to use Equate apricot scrub to exfoliate my skin but I never really knew or understood how to properly take care of my skin.


As of now, my skincare has changed. For the morning, I usually only use Clinique dramatically different moisturizing cream after washing my face with water. But now that it’s spring/summer, I sometimes use some type sun screen either Garnier or Equate’s sunscreen stick. I got the Garnier moisturizer for free because it came in a package I got. It’s a travel size but it doesn’t smell like anything so it works well.

Almost all of the products I use are drugstore btw.

Some mornings (maybe once a month or two) I would cleanse my face if I wore makeup the day before. Also, I would use a face mask in the morning usually homemade to exfoliate and moisturize.

DIY MASKS : I use different types of mask. Some with sugar, baking soda, coconut/olive oil, banana, oat meal. It depends though and I would google diy masks.

For night I use around 4-5 products on my face. If I wore makeup that day, I would cleanse my face with 2 of 3 cleansers. I’ve been using Ponds cold cream cleanser since high school. I’ve put it aside for a few years now but it works well. It’s very moisturizing and all you do is apply it to your face, massage it, and it breaks down your makeup. Then you wipe it off with tissue/cloth. My only problem with this that it gets into my eyes and it’s almost as if my eye is coated with a layer of oil or something and it blurs my vision. An alternative to Ponds is Garnier’s Miracle Water. I would take a cotton round, lightly drench it with the water and apply it to my eye and then my face. I also double cleanse with Estee Lauder’s Perfectly Clean foam cleanser. It was actually my moms but she doesn’t use it so I took it. A small size is all you’ll need. Lather it up with your hands and some water and apply it onto your face and your skin will feel clean. It has a slight floral scent I would say but it works very well!

I only use this method if i’m wearing makeup. So If I didn’t wear makeup I would just wash my face with water.

Wether I’m wearing makeup that day or not, the next step would be to moisturizer. I would also use Clinique’s moisturizer at night. I’ve recently added in this gel moisturizer I found at Daiso. I used to use it on my face alone before but it broke my skin. I found that applying onto of Clinique make my skin feel super soft in the morning.


That is my skincare routine. I’ve mentioned I use Daiso face masks and I’ve tried the Yes brand from Target but it stings my face. Well within the future, I’ll be splurging onto new products.

I’ll be writing about my makeup routine next someday. 🙂

Recommend me products (drugstore)



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