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This is just an update.

Feels like I’ve abandoned this blog because I have nothing else to write on here. I’m mostly on tumblr sharing my life on there. I actually don’t know why I have so many blogs. I wish I could stick to one blog honestly. I may or may not be back on here, maybe not because I don’t know what to post on here. This blog is meant to be about my life almost like “vlogs” but with pictures and writing. Like I said, I use tumblr mostly. I actually write about my daily college life and other stuff on there.

But yeah, I don’t know. I’m just gonna ramble with whatever is on my mind. College is a little better compared to last year. I mostly talk to my FASA club and they’re the only ones I talk to. I’m not that close with them but I really wish I was. As I grow older, life gets challenging in every way; mentally, emotionally, financially, etc. I’m 20 in two months and it feels like I’m going no where in life. Almost like I need someone to guide in through life because I feel lost and I don’t know what direction life takes me. But I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Life’s a struggle and I feel like I’m still a young teenager who is just beginning to live life. I have goals in life, but it feels almost impossible to achieve because I’m financially not doing well (sadly..)

There’s not much I would wanna write about. I don’t really talk about my life in general anymore, its just a me thing.





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