Winter Break 2016

I’ve been too lazy to post on here. Winter break is coming to an end and I’m sad. I’m mentally not prepared for school. I can already tell this quarter is going to be a little bit difficult and I’m going to be writing so many papers.

Today’s December 31, so happy new years (eve)! I’m not doing anything today (sadly) so I’ll be writing about my winter break. One of the first things I did during break was zoolights which I already made a post about. I didn’t really do much actually lol.

This is random but these sushi burritos were really good!!!!!


December 20, 2016 | White Elephant Xmas Party 

We were suppose to wear ugly sweaters BUUUUT i didn’t have one.

Here’s an easy DIY ugly sweater 😊 LOL or its just me being extra…


Christina and I made Ariel and her friend, Angela, take the bus to Christina’s house bc she lives deep LOL (sorry not sorry). I was the driver for that day, and we had to get ice so we went to safeway, Ariel bought her gift last minute, ya girl was getting hangry because I didn’t eat much that day, so we made Andrew buy pizza.

It was me, Christina, Andrew, Ariel, Angela, Nakea and Erica.

Poison that I didn’t drink; I took a shot but I didn’t have a chaser….

We mostly played card games.

We first played spoons and I was getting everyone out LOL. Penalty: take a shot if you lose. Then we played apples to apples for awhile and then Uno. I’m so lame for taking pictures of the cards haha.

We did our gift exchange like 5 times because people were getting their gifts. I got kit kats and swaggy dj gingerbread man socks from Erica. And she got my present too. Christina was too kind and bought me a bath bomb but sadly I don’t have a water stopper for my bathtub 😦


I was getting a headache throughout the night probably because I was hungry and dehydrated. We ended our night watching zootopia and I didn’t come home till 2 am (probably the longest I’ve ever gone out ever lol).

December 25, 2016 | Christmas day 

I did nothing. But I got a present from my fam and they got me penguin pjs. And for some reason, I always get penguins every xmas and idk why. Penguins aren’t even my favorite animals.. I just own a bunch of penguin pillow pets.

And surprisingly, this was the only year that people (a bunch of people) were greeting me a merry christmas).

December 26, 2016 | Chipotle & Ice Skating

Another day with Christina, Ariel + Kalkidan and Arishma. We first went to Goodwill to go thrifting. I didn’t want to buy anything, tryna save $ plus I already have too much clothes. Then we ate at chipotle, I bought a burrito and it was huge. Everybody was like, how do you get a guy to like you (to me, but in other words) and honestly idk because I never talk in class, actually I barely talk and guys come up to me. I guess you gotta look ugly but act cute at the same time haha. After eating, we went to target, dropped off Kalkidan, walked around Target, then went to go ice skating. We were all afraid we would fall and did we? No, but I did LOL at the very last minute. But before that, we kinda sucked at it. We had to hold onto the rail, the rink was not smooth at all, my foot was hurting because I had my skates on tight, but after the rink was nice and smooth skating felt so much nicer. Everyone was getting better and I started skating faster and I didn’t need the rail. There were times were I almost fell but luckily I was able to balance myself. I guess when you’re skating, you have to focus and when you’re skating fast you have to control your body. And SOOO I was going a little fast, I was spacing out, I tried to slow myself down, I lost balance and I fell. YUUUP. Ice skating was fun!!!

On the way back home, we were bumping William Singe, Conor Maynard, and Alex Aiono. Their voices > > > > YESSSS. I actually found out William Singe came to WA on 12/17, the day I went to zoolights wowww. One day, I’ll go to his concert.

December 28, 2016 | KBBQ Craving

img_6966I had KBBQ cravings because of mukbang. I watch too many mukbang videos on youtube lol.

December 30, 2016 | Chill Day 

A day with AMACK (Andrew, Melissa, Ariel, Christina, me) my mainzz. Getting up early to watch a movie at 11 am was a struggle. Seats ran out so we had to watched ‘Sing’ at 1 pm, it was a good movie! We ate lunch, shared mines with Mel, wen to Sephora and had a makeup crisis (thank goodness for cliniques moisturizer! it save my dry skin. I need that product!!!), after the movie we were suppose to go to R1 to karaoke – had an hour wait – got hungry, so we canceled karaoke and went to drop off Mel, went to Ihop, told crazy stories about “ghost” in our house/apartment, my dumb dumb self spilled syrup and sauce inside my backpack, Andrew got road rage while dropping me off to my car, Melissa is sneaky asf LOLLOL, went back to andrews, tried to play Mario Cart or whatevs, instead we played more card games. We played 13, BS, and uno. Penalty: twerk. haha poor christina. I had another headache this day. Idk why I always get headaches. But today was a nice chill day to (almost) end winter break / 2016.

Oh yeah, I’ve been wanting one of these plush kawaii dogs on the claw machines at R1. If someone won me this, I would luh u 4ever!!!!!

But yup, this was my winter break. I suck at blogging idk if I should continue to blog…

Anywayz, see ya in my next post next year. Happy new years!!



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