December 16. 

It was my first year going ever lol (out of my 19 years of life). Zoolights – basically just a bunch of christmas light decorations. It took less than 30 min to look at all the lights bc there wasn’t much to see honestly. But was it worth it? Yeah, I guess. Good place for a date lol. This post is going to be really short btw.


There’s not much I can blog about this lol. So enjoy the pics (barely any that I took) & most of the pics aren’t clear because it was cold asf and my hards were freezing.



We went into the gift shop and I kept teasing my friend to buy me this $60 penguin but i didn’t want it bc idk what to do with it. He called it a “special penguin” if he bought it.

img_6806The sad thing about these penguins is that, once we were leaving the zoo, the penguin on the left had its head sticking out and it was looking directly at me from afar. We were meant to be 😦 (poor penguin)

Since the zoo was passed my uni, we decided to eat ON CAMPUS lol. The last thing I wanted to do was be on campus since we’re on winter break.

img_6823My friend for real put his fork on my food… germaphobe problems… I forced myself to eat my salad even tho my salad became contaminated with germs.

That was basically my night. I hope I have lots to post during winter break.



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