Fam time

I’m not sure how long I’ll be blogging in the future because there’s nothing interesting about my life. I just do this for fun and I do get lazier writing new posts (I didn’t edit my pics lol thats how lazy I’ve gotten). Well it’s December now and 2016 is coming to an end. I should be studying for finals which are next week but I’m already on chill/vacation mode.

December 3 – Saturday 

I had a long day. Woke up early in the morning to go to this job thing to find out I wasted my time going there.. so basically I went for nothing. I was really upset. My school was having this arcade takeover so I went with Andrew. I was expecting a lot of people to be there from my school but nah. Andrew and I were the first ones there and we ate potatoes.


I played a little bit of bowling and while I was on the bowling team back in high school, I was not that good. Once we finally got our game card, Andrew and I played corny racing games lol. I only wanted to go to this event bc it was FREE; food, bowling, karaoke, games. The games were only free for an hour which went by quickly.

After that I went home immediately bc my sister came home and I haven’t seen her since May of this year. So yeah, she was actually waiting for me to come home because she was starving.

Free shoes for me from my sis

So we ate at her “favorite” Pho restaurant and went out afterwards for a bit.

December 4 – Sunday 

My sisters birthday (the main reason why she came home; to celebrate her birthday with us). Happy birthday to you chicken nugget. We went to a mall for a little while to buy her a cake (be flavor @ red ribbon lol hella filipino). One of the workers kept looking at me and smiled and said I looked pretty LOL infront of my sister and mom. It was a female worker too btw.


Well afterwards, we ate at a Thai restaurant called “Wild Orchids”





Fried banana’s + chocolate for dipping (got this for free)

So, I barely ate 1/3 of my meal lol. I can’t eat a lot but the food was good. There was also no customers there but the prices are decent. It was also really cold outside and there was this short parade right outside the restaurant that I didn’t get to see. Would’ve been nice too.

December 5 – Monday 

It was REALLY cold. I was so glad that my third class got canceled and so I thought I would be able to go home early but nope. Missed the bus by a FEW seconds and so I had to wait for 45 min for the next bus to come in the cold weather because I forgot the bus schedule is different than the afternoon schedules. I also had to wait 10 min for my dad to pick me up at the transit center BUT my whole family comes and they tell me we’re going to my aunts house WHICH is close to my school and they could have picked me up from school SMH.

My sister, mom and I went to the mall for awhile. There’s honestly nothing to do in Washington. But afterwards we ate at Red Robins.



December 6 – Tuesday

So, I wasn’t planning on doing anything because I needed to study for an exam the next day but my aunt kept texting me “please come with us” so many times LOL. So my mom, sister, aunt and I went out to Bellevue.


My first time getting a red cup lol

We were taking pics and this guy offered to take a picture on my aunts snapchat and he started messing with our photos, made a video and made himself in it. SMH. For lunch we ate at Cheesecake factory.


I ordered spicy chicken chipotle pasta and it tasted good at first but after awhile I started to notice the noodles weren’t cooked and I slowly stopped eating it bc I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t know that if you told the server or an employee that you didn’t enjoy your food and you barely ate it, that it would be taken off the bill. Good thing my aunt told me bc it would’ve been a waste of money. Basically I got to eat for free. We didn’t spend a lot of time at the mall but we were stuck in traffic.

Afterwards my mom, sister and I went to my aunts (same aunt) house for dinner ish with a few of my cousins. At this point, I was getting worried because I really needed to study. I did bring my stuff but got no studying done. My sister pierced my cousins ear, my mom and aunt talked forever which is a typical thing for asians to do. They be like “we’re leaving soon” *gets ready to leave* then starts to have an intense convo for another hour or so lol anyone else relate? The funniest part about that night was that my mom realized she forgot her vest by the time we left my aunts house LOL she was like, I was wondering why I was cold I forgot my vest. LOL she was so focused on the ornaments my aunt gave to her haha.

December 7 – Wednesday 

I don’t think we did anything this day.

December 8 – Thursday 

Went out again, new phones, went to the mall again, drank boba, sister bought food to bring with her. It also snowed.

December 9 – Friday 

I had one class today for school. Afterwards my sister and cousins watched Moana.

December 10 – Saturday 

I had to drop my sister off at the airport in the morning. Sucks that I can’t go inside the airport with her bc I don’t have a badge. But she was with my parents. It was nice seeing her. Dunno when I’ll see her next. This last week was nice; spending lots of fam time I guess.

I tried to insert a gif but it’s not working 😦

If you read this far, good for you 🙂 My posts probably get boring to read because nothing really happens in my life. Just imaging myself being a blogger on youtube (again), yikes. Bu thanks for reading 🙂 Idk what else I should post on here (recommend me something).


ANYWAYSSS…. I’m gonna go study now


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