a day in life


november 19. 

Fil-o, where FASA clubs from other colleges come together and play games. This was my first time going and I was really hesitant to go. I was actually suppose to watch a movie with melissa and christina but melissa convinced me to go :(:

First, let me talk about fil-o practice. I didn’t go to the first practice bc it was late and I didn’t wanna drive to school at 7-9 pm. But the second practice was early so I went. It was kinda awkward for me bc I didn’t know anyone but I’m glad I went bc I started meeting ppl (lmao my grammar sorry) We practiced a few games, not all. One of the games is a relay box game; run for a certain length in a box (ure actually a lumpia) and u pass the box to the next person. The next game practiced which I participated in was this tic tac toe relay game; we used hula hoops and a luffa at the actual event and the team to make three in a row the fastest wins. When I practiced this game, I won but I tripped on air and I fell on my hand and my sweater left a fat mark on my palm and I still have it today. The other games; newspaper dance, I met Camille bc of this game bc joseph made me lmao but camille and I cheated hella. The object of the game is to have both people on the newspaper without falling while the newspaper gets folded within each round. then the last game I participated in is called ‘cock fight’ or sabong in tagalog. Basically, in the PH sabong is gambling using chickens with knives attached to their legs and they basically kill each other 😦 But for fil-o we used tissue and tape. There’s also a balloon game where u n ur partner pop balloons using ur body, basically humping each other LOL and this “twerking” game where u have a tissue box attached to ur body and ur goal is to shake off the balls inside the box. While that was happening, other members were creating our shirts. They looked nice! But yeah, I didn’t really do much at practice.

The back has 253 and a husky logo thing. dope.

Onto the next day, I was stressing over transportation bc I didn’t want to take the bus in the dark where I feel the most vulnerable but I didn’t want parking to be a problem if I drove bc I did not want to drive another 30+ min to the school we were going to and i was signed up to carpool with ppl. Well my problem getting to campus wasn’t a problem (thankfully). I had to get to campus before 11 to practice our chant. It’s actually dope and I like our chant. There wasn’t an award for best chant but I’m sure my school would have won hehe.

Here’s pics of us working hard to perfect our chant haha

Note that I only post pics of me where I’m in it and I look ok/decent/good lmao. so sorry to my filo fam if u look bad in a pic i post, I just look good in the pic.

I went to SMU with camille (the girl next to me in the pic). The event started at 1 but at filo/asian time. When we arrived, the other schools were stretching…. so did we


There’s me in the corner saying I can’t feel this stretch but seconds later I felt it


When the event finally started, all schools gathered around and for roll call we did our chants. The first game played was tic tac toe. I wanted to play this game but some guy took my spot. This game actually took forever, almost an hour and a half. I think my school won first place outta nine other schools. Go Tdawgs bc the fam dawgs (UWS & UWB) were also there too. Then the next game was the lumpia box relay race. I low-key wanted to do it, but the pressure and everyone watching u, ANXIETY. They had to do three trials to this game with my school and other bc there were arguments that this school won or my school won. Well.. we lost but technically we won’t the first two rounds..

After that we took a lunch break and we ate at happy teriyaki. I ordered the tofu love salad.


This salad was goooood, too bad I didn’t finish it. I was like the last person eating too. The guys sitting next to me were being mean, insulting my food bc “tofu is plain” or salad is boring. RUDE. Nothing wrong with tryna eat healthy or be vegetarian. After that, we did the mannequin challenge.

By the time lunch was over, it was 5 pm. Then together all schools did the mannequin challenge, idk what it looks like but I hope its dope. The next game was the newspaper game but my campus got eliminated. Because we were running outta time, some games were cut off and I didn’t get to participate. The last game was the cock fight. While the participants were setting up, my filo fam played duck duck goose.

This is us being mean to camille LOL we kept picking her to be goose

The cock fight was so intense!! It was crazy. We scored 4th place for that game. Well, we didn’t win the trophy but we won’t most spirited! and i think it’s bc we have pom poms. idk what schools won but BDawgs got 3rd place and SDawgs were in the bottom.

Here’s me not knowing how to be a cheerleader

Now I’m gonna post a bunch of random photos








I’m famous. Everyone was adding me on sc


LOL, excuse my sarcasm if it annoyed you. But I had a fun time. I’m glad I went bc I feel closer to my fasa fam ♡


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