Pumpkin Carvings For The First Time 

October 29, 2016

(This is an exclusive post lol) Well this day was planned last minute ish. My last minute costume was a princess – I either wanted to dress up as a light princess or dark princess (color of clothes wise) bc I had this tiara I used once and it was expensive for a kid store.

I had to wait for Melissa to come pick me up and we went to trader joe’s to buy pumpkins. It was weird going out in our “costumes” bc Melissa was wearing just a bathrobe in the cold weather and here I was wearing all black as if i were going to a funeral LOL. The old people at the store kept looking at us, nobody really got the idea that we were dressed up for halloween. We also went to L&L and target to buy Christina a 99.1 cent pumpkin.


idk what melissa got except cats (katsu brings back so much memories :(()


(it’s taking me so long to write this bc idk why but it’s 9 in the morning)

It was just me, melissa, andrew and christina that were there aka the only people I hang out with LOL  at my sad life. While waiting for Christina, idk who’s idea was it to bring up dccd up (ANDREW I think) bc I got sad again and I’ve been sad the past couple of days bc of him. One shot, two shot, three. As the title says, yeah it was my first time carving/touching a pumpkin out of my 19 years of life. I didn’t know what to draw on my pumpkin so I drew a smiling face and my pumpkin looks like a baby pumpkin that threw up or came outta birth (idk if that made sense) Everyone else was taking too long to carve theirs LOL.

On the other hand, I was the only one that was feeling “drunk” but i wasn’t actually bc I remember everything. I kept telling (or “yelling”) them I needed to study bc I had a quiz and test on monday. And while being “drunk” I kept talking about dccd LOL but it’s natural for me too bc I always talk about him (sadly). I was sitting down while they were doing scary stuff to each other and I threw a water bottle on the table and It stood up and nobody else saw it up andrew. My skin was dry and my eyes were red.

Me that night in pictures: dizzy and/or crazy

I was falling while we were taking pictures too ahaha

I like this picture a lot bc it looks like andrews ripping my hair out 

Normal pictures of us.

Our costumes: dead psycho princess, christina didn’t have a costume, andrew was a walking pizza and melissa was a bathrobe/”cheetah girl”/cheeto/cheetahoe

I was annoying Melissa a lot while she was driving me home. I turned up “juju on the beat” when it was playing on the radio and melissa hates that song LOL I’m not sorry melissa, i had fun. I had to pee so badly that every turn she made hurt. And that’s all that happened that night, idk what else to write.




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