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Fall Fling + End of Summer

I forgot to blog the other day but I didn’t take much pics. I’m actually debating whether I should continue blogging here because wordpress has a photo upload limit and my main purpose for this blog is for pictures smh. I’m currently procrastinating on hw and school started yesterday LOL. I’m so done with school.

September 26

I had to go to Seattle to do paper work for this job I have tmrw. It was honestly stupid because I could have done that the day I had the job or online smh. It took an hour to get there because my friend, Ashmita, got lost in Seattle lol and the paper work took five minutes. We got shareatea and after that I went to UW’s fall fling with Melissa, Christina and Ariel. I’m so glad I went. Tinashe performed but too bad I’m so short that I couldn’t really she her perform. I had fun though! I actually have Tinashe withdrawals right now, I’ve been listening to Super Love on repeat.

Afterwards, Melissa Christina & I went to Bahama Breeze and spent the second to last day of summer chilling.


Virgin Bahamarita (I think)


Chipotle Beef Bowl


After eating, we end to Round 1 and did karaoke. I lowkey despise this company. I actually wanted to win a plushie 😦


lol and that’s how we spent our second to last day of summer.

Summer 2016 will be one that I will remember. I actually enjoyed my summer for once.


September 28: Back To School

I’m not gonna post much bc I already made a post on tumblr.

Perks of morning class: seeing the sun rise.


I was on campus from 7-3. The first day wasn’t that bad. I hope this school year is better than last year.




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