a day in life

Melissa’s 20th + ikatehouse haul

Melissa turned two decades old today! 😄

Hehehe stolen shot

I made her leche flan which I hope turned out okay. We (Melissa, Christina & I) got popeyes chicken $5 big box & it was my first time eating there. It was goooood! Then we went to Ulta. I didn’t buy anything because I’m cheap and broke haha. We then watched Blair Witch. I don’t do scary movies anymore because they’re too scary for me but I only watched this one because it was Melissa’s birthday. To be honest, I covered my ears the whole time because it was so loud. But the movie wasn’t that scary. I also brought in my leftover popeyes which I didn’t even eat haha. img_6028

After the movie, we ate more!


Matcha Green Tea Latte
Baskin Robins

Overall I had a good day. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing with people that’ll make me have a good time with them, what matters is the people I’m with and their vibes. And thankfully, I have people in my life who make me feel welcomed into their lives. I hope you had a great birthday Melissa (if you’re reading this)! ❤️

-We start school next Wednesday 😖-



I didn’t find out about this site until I was looking for L.A Girl’s pro concealer which is a product I wanted to try and I couldn’t find it at Walmart. This website sells a variety of drugstore makeup products for lower prices. The L.A Girl pro concealer is sold for $5 on their website but the site sells them for $3.99 however I got them for sale for $2.99. I got three concealers & two lip products for $2.99 each as well.

L.A Girl pro conceal + L.A Girl Matte flat velvet lipstick

The packaging was really clean and neat.


The only downside I had was shipping taxes which is $4.99 if you don’t spend more than $50 I think. But aside from that, I got my package within 5 days. I haven’t used any of the products too but I’m exited too.



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