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Cousins’ 20th bday + potluck + haul

Three days in one blog. Sorry, this might be a long post.


September 10. 

My cousin was celebrating his 20th birthday. It’s crazy how old we’re (cousins/family) getting. Time goes by too fast.

›› Gonna fast forward to food lol. As one of my fav youtube blogger says “PARA SA VLOG” (It’s for the blog)

Dessert + the bday cake



Candy bar


More food & yeah, I didn’t take pics of the actual food




There wasn’t much to do there. The guys went out and played ball. There was karaoke but I don’t sing nor do I want to try.


Mixed these two up & added a strawberry to make it look “fancy” lol

My aunts were practicing a dance for a relatives birthday and it was honestly really interesting to watch. But before that, my aunts that I don’t see much often kept talking about my ex. They were joking about it especially because one of them works with him.. they were like “he’s so handsome” *I was like ya i know inside my head* 😦 Whenever I see them, they always bring him up and I just wonder when they’ll stop because it still does hurt a little inside. I never heard of the fetty wap challenge until that day, interesting.

These are s’mores. I never knew coconut marshmallows existed

My uncle was getting drunk and he kept talking. He asked me what I made and since nobody ate my food (hella sad) I told him to try it. I cooked the spicy korean noodles you see all over youtube. AS I was about to record his reaction, my phone had to die at 3% geez. But his reaction was hilarious – he was talking a lot to my cousin and then took a big spoonful of the noodles then seconds later he made this face as if he ate something bitter. LOL. I was literally almost on the floor dying. Then my uncle tried it and everyone tried it. After that, I was literally bored. I wanted to go home, I was impatient, I was falling asleep, I didn’t wanna be there.


September 11. 

Seahawks vs Dolphins. I’m not into football but I was invited to watch the game at Melissa’s. That awkward moment when you’re not wearing a seahawks jersey while everyone else was… haha. Seahawks won, then we played this card game mafia. For the first game, I was an angel and everyone was pointing fingers at me claiming I was a mafia LOL rude. They tried to get me out every round, but I guess it was karma bc I got melissa out the second round haha. For the second game, I was the detective. The narrator wasn’t telling me if the person I chose was a mafia and everyone was getting suspicious because the detective wasn’t saying anything for three days and I apparently was killing all the civilians lol. I was getting bored and sleepy so I quit. A lot of people left after that and we played 5 second rule. For one of the cards, one person got name 3 things to make on a pizza or something like that. And he said sirarcha, mayo & something else lmao.

Cards that I won (sorry its blurry)

More people left and there was about six of us left. Ended the night sitting down at the dinner table eating cambo porridge, moon cake & cheesecake with the cambo fam.


Melissa even wanted to take shots of soda LOL. “this is practice for when I’m 21”

Christina came and we all slowly drifted off watching a movie. But unfortunately I had to go.


September 12.

No sleep, hangry, tired, I had a headache. I haven’t been sleeping a lot again lately because my parents have had a four days off together and they’re so loud in the morning. I had to go to school because of FAFSA. Afterwards, I bought my parents starbs.

The barista messed my order up but thats okay. My parents are always matching in some way.

After, we went to the mall. Home decor shopping is so therapeutic to me which was something that I needed at that moment. But too bad I was really hangry and I wanted to go home. After trying to take a nap, my body felt completely exhausted that I couldn’t do much. My energy was too drained but on the bright side, I mentioned in one of my posts that I’ve been going ham with washi tape, well I ordered washi tape off amazon and it arrived today! I was so excited.


But then I size of it, and I can hold all 10 taps on my hand. That’s how small and tiny these tapes are. But thats okay. I got 10 for $2.13 + free shipping. As of right now, I’m probably gonna chill and watch netflix.

Goodnight, good morning, good afternoon to anyone who’s reading this lol.




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