a day in life

French Toast & Fried Chicken.

I usually spend Saturdays with my mom and I take her out almost every week whenever she’s off. Today we went to IHOP because she was craving it last night and she really wanted fried chicken. The servers there looked really stressed hence it’s a weekend and it’s busy. It kinda made me sad lol. Well, my mom ordered her fried chicken and I tried the strawberry & banana french toast.

I didn’t really enjoy my food because I thought the fruits were fresh but they’re frozen and sugary and the strawberry syrup kinda killed it. No where on the menu did it say or show the strawberry syrup.. But it was okay, I kinda forced myself to eat it.

Afterwards, we went to this grocery store near my house and I was surprised yet happy that the prices for some items were super cheap. And when I say super cheap, I honestly mean it. For a box of hair dye at Walmart or Target would be $8-$10 but at this grocery store, a box of hair dye was $3 or $4. Cosmetics were also cheap. There wasn’t a huge choice but for the Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline at that store cost $2.99. The store also sold Essie nail polish for $2.99 as well. I think most of the cosmetics were $2.99. Such a huge steal. I ended up buying three lipsticks.

Milani: 30 Candied Toffees (1.99) | Covergirl: 308 Ravish / 260 Heavenly ($2.99 each)

I wore ravish today and it looks like a natural lip color but a little dark. The candied toffees is too brown but I think it’ll look good for the fall. I was hoping it would look like a nude/light brown, but it still works. I haven’t tried heavenly but I’ll definitely write about it in the future. Overall, for the price, it’s not that bad but the lipsticks have that horrible smell to it. I also bought washi tape at Michaels. Which looks something like this il_570xn-824331988_69d8

I’ve been buying so much washi tape every since I started a bullet journal. Guess you can say I’m obsessed with washi tape lol.

That’s all I did today. Thanks for reading ❤️



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