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What I did today

I had a rough night and I’ve been sleeping less each day. I’m still on summer break and I have exactly a month left before I go back to school. It feels really unusual for me to be sleeping less this summer and feel really tired by 3 pm.

Well I woke up early today around 8 am and I couldn’t fall back asleep. My mom and I made a run to Jack in the Box to use our coupons because they end tomorrow and we got free food!

I ate a breakfast sandwich, a hash brown, and coffee (the main reason I wanted JITB)

In the afternoon we went to the mall. Ever since I started taking my mom to Sephora, she’s been wanting to go there every time we’re at the mall to do her makeup lol. I mean, what’s wrong with that? Doing your makeup for free using expensive products? Haha. I also bumped into my cousins there.

My mom ended up buying a product and while I was looking around I was looking at the highlights and contemplated whether I wanted one but I was hesitating so much because of the price. I actually wanted to get Champagne Pop because it looks really good. But while we were in line, I saw the Anastasia Glow Kit & I thought it was a much better deal because it was $40 for four highlighters vs one for $32.

I was pretty stoked but at the same time I felt like I wasted money because

  1. the price
  2. I don’t really wear makeup, actually I rarely wear makeup
  3. I had my eye on e.l.f’s highlighters for $6

But even though my mom bought it for me, I am beyond thankful. Plus, we’re suppose to be “sharing” this LOL. Looking at this product makes me not want to touch it all, it looks so beautiful lmao I don’t want to mess it up. Maybe in the future I’ll write a review on this product.

That was all I bought today, I actually went to the mall to buy washi tape at Daiso but I ended up not liking them. Speaking of washi tape, I’m currently on a hunt to buy as many as I can so I can make my bujo (bullet journal) look nice and stuff. I’ve been into stationery stuff for almost a year and I can’t wait for this school year to start so I can use my bujo and make my school notes look really nice and aesthetic looking lmao. And that is all I did today.

Thanks for reading!

– Xoxo, Katrina


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